Saturday, 1 March 2014

Last Year’s 5 Best Chicken Recipes Worth a Try!

Sitting idle on a lazy afternoon when this thought popped, what all I did last year? How many easy recipes I have made so far? I checked for the chicken recipes to begin with and jotted down the best 5 recipes for the year. The recipes which were simple, easy and quick to make but still are super scrumptious and whole family’s favorite.

The recipes that I am going to share are the most amazing recipes and I have made them plenty of times at my place. Kids like these recipes and even the adults, few of the recipes are party favorite. Call your friends over dinner, make these simple recipes and still woo them with your culinary talents.

Chicken recipes are one of the commonly served recipes when it comes for dinner ideas or dinner recipes. However, we always look for some recipes which are easy to make because by the time of dinner you are so tired that you look for easy alternatives and if you are a working woman, single parent, student then you can understand how difficult it is to manage kitchen and work together. And eating out every day is not possible firstly because it’s not healthy and secondly our pocket doesn’t allow us to spend big bucks each day on food. So what we can do? Mostly people opt for slow cooker recipes, I fall in the same category too. It’s easy and simple i.e. just put the ingredients and turn on the device and let it cook by its own. Secondly, opt for recipes which are semi-cooked or pre-cooked, mostly comes in small packages but they are not scrumptious at all. It’s just good when you are hungry, don’t know what to do? Put it inside the hot water or cook it in microwave and dig in. and lastly opt for easy and simple cooking, which saves time and it’s tasty too!

So, let’s not waste any time and dig into the 5 wonderful chicken recipes that you can try in any season, any time whether its dinner or lunch.

  1. Easy Chicken Recipe: Coco-Cola Chicken Wings – One of the most scrumptious chicken recipe that you can try. It’s tasty and tastes like sweet and sour chicken without any complications. Cook it using the Classic coco-cola for the best taste. This recipe is also known as sticky chicken recipe. Serve it with drinks and this could be your best party stopper. Click Here for the recipe.
  2. Healthy Yogurt Chicken Salad – A healthy bowlful of salad is always advisable to have. This recipe is not just appetizing but it’s a complete meal which includes protein from chicken, roughage and vitamins & minerals from vegetables and fruits and essential fatty acids and monosaturated fats from nuts like almonds and walnuts. Serve this with toasted multigrain breads or have it just the way it is. Click Here for recipe.
  3. Chipotle Bean Chicken Stew – Chicken stews are one of the simplest chicken recipes that you can try. It’s flavorsome and easy to make; and there is no complexity in making this recipe. Whether you make this recipe in slow cooker or on stove top, it taste great in both ways. Click Here for the recipe.
  4. Dinner Recipe: Pepper Chicken with Lemon Spinach – Looking for a healthy dinner recipe, then this recipes solves your purpose. It’s a real easy and simple recipe and plus it’s healthy. I don’t have to talk about the health benefits of spinach and moreover its taste really nice with lemon that even kids eat it without making those funny faces. Click Here for the recipe.
  5. Slow-Cooker Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani – One of the authentic Indian recipe that you can make using slow cooker. You can make this recipe even in parties and get together and let the guest wonder how you actually brought India to your home. Click Here for recipe.

I hope you will like these recipes and do try them at your place. If you have any query please write it to me. Till then stay fabulous!


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