Thursday, 9 October 2014

Cook Italian in Your Kitchen on this Columbus Day

Do you really need any reason to cook an Italian dish for your family? Don’t feel confused yes you have a reason and it is the Columbus Day celebration. So I have come up with three Italian recipes which I am planning to prepare this Columbus day which falls on coming Monday. This Columbus Day is called a national holiday in the United States.

Since our childhood we learned about Christopher Columbus. He was the person who said yes earth is round and in late 15th century many people believed that.

It may be quite surprising to know that Columbus found many new and amazing food that too in bright colors and bold flavors. He used to discover new food items which he and his seamen ate on their way. He was fond of eating Italian food that too with toppings of different colors which made the dish quite striking.

Let me discuss here some of the Italian recipe which I am going to make this Columbus day.

Four cheese pasta with shrimp & spinach:

You can prepare this creamy, cheesy pasta with juicy shrimp, sweet roasted red peppers, and spinach in just flat 15 minutes. Does it really sound good? This dish is ready in just minutes simply by the use of Knorr Italian Side - 4 Cheese Pasta. This dish can be easily changed into the meal for four that will surely be substantial for a small family. Click here for recipe.

Red, white and blue bruschetta:

Bruschetta is an appetizer which can be easily pre-made on the grill or in oven just in minutes. This classic toasted bread appetizer is made with a topping of red sun-dried tomato, bowl of blueberries, feta cheese crumbles and much more to make it more appealing. Click Here for recipe.

Columbus Day Oil Poached Tuna Salad:

This is a perfect Columbus Day recipe which can be served with salad on cold greens that can take tuna salad to new rise. Simply dash here salad greens with dressing.  There is no need to use canned tuna here instead cook the tuna on your own which helps to retain its quality. This is usually liked on the medium-rare side. There is no need to use a grill for preparing tuna. You can use poaching olive oil for making it moist and also flavorful. Click here for recipe.

Let’s celebrate Columbus Day with these Italian dishes and say thanks to him for his great discoveries.