Monday, 17 March 2014

Green Peppermint Chocolate Pie

Hi everyone, 

So How was your St. Patrick' Day? I hope you have enjoyed the day with your loved ones.

So what if, St. Patrick's Day is Over, you can still enjoy this amazing recipe of Chocolate Pie. Chocolate Pie is one of the favorite dessert recipe by many of us. This recipe is really simple and taste just like our grandmom's favorite chocolate Pie. 

To See the Recipe, Click Here. 

The recipe shared over here is St. Patrick's inspired and is green in color! As the requirement of the festive season. However if you want you can exclude the green food color and peppermint oil to have the original chocolate pie. I suggest to keep the peppermint oil, as it gives that extra kick to the recipe which taste amazing with the chocolate. 

I hope you will like this recipe. If you have any suggestions or feedback; please write it to me. In fact you can share your stories too that how did you celebrate your Patrick's Day??


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