Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Chicken Treat Recipes for Washington’s Birthday Holiday

Hello everyone I am back with something new and interesting to share with you all. I am penning down my thoughts here. This is all about how I spent my yesterday’s holiday. This weekend I was so much busy that I could not get time to sit and relax even for a second. After successful celebration of Valentine’s Day which I had shared earlier here Valentine’s Day Recipes Serve to Your Lover. On Feb 16, it was Washington’s Birthday which is a federal holiday celebrated in the honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States.

So it was a long weekend for my kids and husband. They all were expecting me to serve something good and really delicious at the dinner table. So being a mom and wife I had to make them feel really happy and serve something different and scrumptious. One thing was there in my mind why not to cook something that is really easy and doesn’t take hours to prepare. I picked up my smartphone and browsed different recipes over the web and came across the below listed two recipes from Knorr. I have been often using Knorr products quite for some time now. Earlier I was using recipes from Kraft and Epicurious. Recipes from these two food brands are also good but as you all know we want always something new and really different to eat. I thought change is must!

I have read about Knorr chicken recipe’s ratings and reviews these are quite satisfactory. I thought why not to look-up for something easy to cook actually I wanted chicken recipes that can be cooked in just 30 minutes. So I zeroed in my search and choose the following two chicken recipes.

Fiesta Lime Chicken & Rice:

This one I choose because as my kids like the chicken and rice combination a lot. Also it can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. Other than chicken which is one of its main ingredient it contains taco toppings shredded cheddar cheese, chopped tomatoes and onion along with tortilla chips which are loved by my kids. You can go through the video of How to Make Knorr Fiesta Lime Chicken & Rice Bowl just for better clarity of the cooking method. This one is twist to the basic recipe for chicken and rice. Isn’t it surprising that such a delicious chicken dish gets ready in just few minutes? Its servings are for four and ours is also a family of four so it was quite a substantial one for all of us. I liked this one as it contains the mixture of lime with rice which gives a superb flavor to this dish.

Coconut-Curry Chicken:

Another chicken dish which I opted for; but this one has chicken with a gravy along with rice. This one was totally different one; which I tried for the first time. We generally take bread instead of rice but for the first time we thought to go for such a combination. I find rice quite a substantial one so opted for this one. Here you need curry powder, bell pepper and coconut milk which are basically required for making a curry so go for them always. Here also I have added a video URL just to know the recipe methods in detail. This video will surely clear all your cooking doubts there is no scope for any goof ups. Have a look at the video How to Make Knorr Coconut Curry which itself is quite explanatory. I followed the cooking instructions as per the video and cooked this dish accordingly.

Quite to my surprise everyone in my family loved it. My husband who is a picky eater and is always particular about the texture of the served chicken. He was quite surprised as these two chicken recipes tasted different to him. The first word that my husband uttered after eating them was “Delicious”.

You know what heart-in-heart I was quite happy as I could cook something quite different and delicious being it my first attempt at cooking of these new chicken recipes. These chicken dishes made my day and I was feeling satisfied and happy.