Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Thanksgiving Menu 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I woke up quite an early for the thanksgiving preparation. So, in the meantime I thought to share my menu with you guys! I am very excited as one of my cousin (Sarah) is coming after 5 years. She was in UK from last 4 years and recently shifted to California. Oh Yeahhhhh.. :D 

So, I am sure today's dinner would be fun. She said she is getting her famous chocolate mousse for us. Although its not into my list still that's actually sweet of her to bring that extra sweetness for today's dinner. 

Mom is getting her favorite Cranberry and Apple sauce and Crescent rolls too. My sister-in-law is getting dressing and wine bottles. yummmm... ;)

I am so excited to meet them all and especially Sarah. Ohh!! Gurl can't wait to meet you. Nevertheless, I am wishing you all a wonderful thanksgiving day. Enjoy it with your loved ones and family. I would appreciate If you guys can share your menus too that you are making this festive season. Till then, Enjoy have loads of fun and Take care! 


Dinner Recipe: Pepper Chicken with Lemon Spinach

The most confusing question for me is “what’s for dinner?” or “what to make for dinner?” I guess most of the ladies who are reading this blog face the same issue. You can’t make one single recipe each day, you have to make sure everyone eat the food you cooked without making any of those funny faces, and lastly, it should be healthy. 

People suggest a dinner should be light and not heavy. That’s absolutely true but it should be filling too. It should not be that light that you have those hunger pangs at middle of the night. It’s best to make some chicken recipes in the dinner. As chicken is the best source of protein and protein helps you to stay full for longer period of time and you don’t have those hunger pangs in between. 

Boneless chicken breast recipes are the best thing that you can make for dinner. They are less in calories and fats and got the highest source of protein. From a chicken breasts you can make chicken salads, soups, sandwiches etc. however, today I am making a nice flavorsome recipe called pepper chicken with lemon spinach. One of my friend has sent me this recipe via email. I tried this recipe and me and my husband just fell in love with it. 

This is an easy and simple recipe that you can make for dinner. So let’s start cooking –

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Product Review: Asian Sides Chicken Fried Rice

Hey Everyone, say Hello to our Guest Blogger -  Stacy Deason. She is our upcoming blogger and an awesome cook too. Her recipes are mostly simple and easy to make as her blog name suggests - Today she is sharing her experience and product review on Asian rice sides. I hope you guys will appreciate her efforts. Enjoy reading. :)


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Perfect Side Dish: Baked Tofu Stuffed Tomatoes

Yummy side dishes; I always like side dishes more than the main courses and if the side dish is stuffed tomatoes than these are my favorite. This recipe is perfect for Meatless Monday in fact this recipe is vegan. Instead of using feta cheese I am using tofu in this recipe, you can also use goat cheese, ricotta or Queso Fresco if you want.

The flavors and taste is simply awesome that you would like to make this simple recipe each day. I somehow love the combination of tomatoes and spinach, both flavors complement each other and it taste just perfect. I am using baby spinach leaves as it is quick and easy to cook. You can also use normal fresh spinach leaves, finely chopped.

You can also add mushrooms instead of spinach in this side dish and to improve the healthy quotient more, you can add quinoa and goat cheese as a stuffing. Additionally, never discard the juice or pulp of tomato, reserve it as it not just contain nutritional values but improves the taste of the recipe too.

So let’s start some baking –

Friday, 15 November 2013

Crustless Simple Quiche Recipe

Quiche recipe

Quiche recipe is mostly served at time of breakfast. It’s filling and nutritious too. On weekends, I often make a quiche or frittata stuffed with vegetables and cheese that we can enjoy over the next few days. This quiche recipe is a crust-less one, and I used low fat milk, cheese and fat free cottage which is useful when you are counting calories or trying to reduce some weight.

Eggs are the staple diet for breakfast. It’s rich in protein and other vital nutrients. You can make this recipe as healthy you want by adding as many vegetables in it. I had use spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes and bell peppers. You can also use asparagus, any leftovers, Butternut Squash or Zucchini etc. Some people also add Quinoa which automatically increases its nutrient contents in fact it becomes more healthy and filling like a whole meal.

I always made quiche recipe with those unbaked pastry shells which are available in the market. But that weekend I was out of stock and decide to make this recipe which is crust-less plus healthy. Do you know, Spinach is rich in vitamin K, rich in carotenoids, vitamin C and  B6? And nonfat cottage cheese has a high content of casein protein (a longer lasting protein) with no added fat.

Anyways let’s not waste time and start cooking –

Friday, 8 November 2013

Easy Chicken Recipe – Chicken Laska

We often complain about our busy work schedule! We don’t have time and some of our commitments just keep us busy. We hardly are able to take time out for our loved ones, for small parties or get together and even in the kitchen. My husband likes cooking but because of his hectic schedule he just don’t cook these days.

Last week, he said – I should cook something! I insisted him; it is okay I can manage. But he literally forced me that he really wants to cook some easy recipes. I took out my recipe booklet and gave to him and asked him to cook a simple Thai recipe – Chicken Laska. It’s one of the simple boneless chicken breast recipes that you can try at home.

As we all know chicken breasts are the healthiest part in the chicken. They are rich in protein and contain no-fat. It’s healthy and good for kids too. It has got a nice soupy texture and it’s one of the amazing soup recipe for dinner. The flavors are spicy yet soothing for your taste pallet. There are gazillion ways to make a good chicken laska. This simple soup can be made with bean sprouts, pineapple, tofu, or a variety of fish. But we are keeping this recipe plain, simple, and absolutely amazing.

So let’s start cooking –

Hollandaise Sauce: How you can use this sauce excellently to uplift your dish!

Hollandaise sauce is a very popular French sauce which uplift the flavors and taste of any dish you’re making. However, most of us think that it will make us fat! No doubt, it will make you fat if you will eat it in access or on a regular basis. Anything taken in access could always harm us. If you want to enjoy this sauce, you must eat it like a sauce not as your complete meal.

If we talk about how hollandaise sauce is made then, it is an emulsion of egg yolks, liquefied butter with seasoning of lemon juice, salt and white pepper. At times you can also use cayenne pepper in it. The egg yolks with lemon juice and white pepper are cooked on a particular temperature where you have to whisk the mixture continuously for the fluffy and frothy mixture. The temperature is maintained and you cannot increase the temperature as it can overcook the yolks which will ruin the taste. Later the liquid butter is mixed into this egg, lemon juice and pepper mixture. This gives a creamy, smooth and opaque texture to it. This sauce taste just great with many boring dishes. The best thing about this sauce is that you don’t have to worry about – how to make it? Or how to maintain the temperature? Because hollandaise sauce is available in the market; many leading companies provide you that same great taste without any hassle and on a great price.