Friday, 14 February 2014

Knorr’s Black Bean Salad

Beans salad is one of my favorite recipe, it’s healthy, rich in protein and amino acids. I mostly have Beans salad in lunch but if I feel lazy don’t want to cook beans salad is the easiest dinner recipe for that day.

Few days back I got a newsletter with some really interesting recipes in it. One I really liked was Black Beans Salad. It’s really easy and quick to make and nutritious too. From the recent researches it has shown that black beans provide special support for digestive tract health. It’s rich in protein, fiber and essential nutrients. In fact, unlike dietary sugar, which can move very quickly through the digestive tract and out of the digestive tract into the bloodstream, or dietary fat, which can move very slowly through the digestive tract and out of the digestive tract into the lymphatic system or bloodstream, both protein and fiber can move through the digestive tract at a moderate pace. So, including Black Beans into your diet can definitely help you. So let’s start cooking this amazing and easy recipe –

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Make Your Valentine Day a Subtle but Filled with Love with these Recipes and Ideas

Keep Looking this space, for such Interesting Valentine's Dinner Ideas and Recipes. Make Your Valentine Special this Season with your special one. Happy Valentine (In advance)! :) :) :)


When love is all around, all you need is presence of that special one in your life who makes it just astonishing each day. Who understands you, care about you, love you for what you are; that person never expects to change you completely into new person but accepts you the way you are. The person is with you at your ugly, fugly and even in your atrocious time. The person is with you at your health and sickness; is the one who is your true Valentine. 

That person could be your husband or wife, Your Parents, your partner or love and even your kids. Anyone who makes you feel like having unconditional love is your Valentine. 

Celebrate your Valentine with your loved ones, near ones and dear ones. Spread love and Stay blessed! 

"Love is Not Blind! It Sees More, not Less

But because it Sees More, it is Willing to See Less...!!" - Julins Gordon


Monday, 10 February 2014

Indian Vegetable Side Dish: Yogurt Mushrooms

We all know, Indian recipes are known for its spices and heat. But recently one of my Indian friend invited me over a dinner. I asked him to serve some Indian delicacies in which I loved a very subtly spiced recipe called Yogurt Mushrooms. I simply love mushrooms plus it’s healthy too.

Anyways this vegetable side dish is perfect for parties and get together. Although it got some gravy but the one I tried, I made it with thicker gravy. Anyways I didn’t waste any time to jot down the recipe from his wife. I really have to say she is an amazing cook. What I love about this simple recipe is that it don’t have any complex or fancy ingredients just some simple spices and you are good to go.

TipIf you like tangy flavors, get yogurt which is little sour in taste. It add that extra oomph and zing to the recipe. We ate this vegetable side dish with Indian Naan or Chappati but it taste great with tortillas too or you can serve it with Basmati Rice if you are a rice lover.

Nevertheless, all you have to do is to rush to the nearby Indian market and get the given spices. Trust me, once you will eat this recipe you are going to love it. Try serving this recipe with roasted chicken; make a thinner gravy and serve this side dish as a sauce or gravy over the roasted chicken recipe it taste just amazing.

This vegetable side dish need a marinating period when mushrooms are marinated in yogurt and other dry spices. Yogurt and spices later get absorbed in mushrooms which gives a juicy, tender mushroom recipe packed with flavors and aroma.

I am using button mushrooms for this recipe; you can also use Chestnut mushrooms or combination of both or any mushroom you like. Button mushrooms are easily available and it’s economical too. Anyways let’s not delay any further and let’s start cooking this amazing vegetable side dish which is pack full of health and taste.