Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Perfect Dinner Is Ready In 15 Minutes - Shrimp Scampi With Rice

Do you also feel lazy in summers? At least I do, I just want to enjoy the sun during the day time and watch TV at night. Sounds so nice, Isn’t? I think we all must have some recipes which can be cooked in flat 20 minutes. Sea food is one type of protein which can be cooked very fast, so most of my recipes which comes under 20 minutes of less belongs to this family of protein.

Easting seafood on regular basis makes our body lean and our hair very healthy. Most of the seafood items are very rich in protein and C-cod. Shrimps are one type of protein which is very easy to cook (as it cooks very fast) and delicious to eat.

Today, I am sharing a recipe with you all which can be prepared in 15 minutes. You can serve this dish with rice or pasta. As a standalone, this dish can be served as a starter. So, let’s cook this yummy shrimp scampi recipe-

Monday, 16 June 2014

Simple and Easy Dinner Ideas For Family

From the moment we get up from the bed, we are in hurry. We are running to get to the office, we are running to get our lunches, we are standing in the grocery shop queue etc. Life is very draining from Monday to Friday. Still, there is one meal which we all take with our family and share our day with them. I look forward towards this meal every day.

My friends ask me about the recipes which they can cook for the dinner and I keep telling them that besides the recipes, you need to spend time with your loved ones. So my post is dedicated to all the women who regularly think of innovative family dinner ideas.

Dinner Ideas For Two:-

If you are planning a dinner just for two of you than consider the dishes which your partner likes. Give him the special treatment he deserves. You not necessarily have to go overboard with decorations and table spread but just a simple dinner for two of you will do the trick. You can create these dishes.
  1. Thai salmon burgers- these burgers are so delicious that your partner will fall in love you with all over again. You can adjust the hotness of this burger as per your liking. You can even ask your partner to help you in kitchen, you two will have ample of quality time when the stuffing will be cooking in the oven. Click here to get the recipe.
  2. Chocolate pudding- This is the one thing which can bring smile on anyone’s face. The recipe which I am going to share here is easy to cook and believe me, you partner will lick the sauce off his plate. Click here to get the recipe.
Dinner Ideas For Kids-

Dinner becomes very trick when you have a family because kids make those funny faces when you serve them healthy vegetables. You have to keep thinking of the ideas to serve them the vegetables. I have huge experience in feeding my kids with some green vegetables. You can cook these dishes if you are cooking for your kids.
  1. Sloppy Joe Biscuit Cups - These cups look so cute that your kids automatically wants to eat them. I top these cups with some tomato ketchup, it adds some color to the dish as well as enhance the taste of the dish. You can create these cups in bulk as they are great for leftovers as well. Click here to get this recipe.
  2. Oreo peanut butter pie- There is not even a single element which your kid would not love about this recipe. I use all the fat free versions of the ingredients for this recipe, you can pick the same too. I have served this recipe in my kids play date as well and every time it was a hit. Clickhere to get this recipe.
I hope you all will like the above given  dinner ideas. In my next post, I will share some more international cuisines which can be cooked at home very easily. I would love to hear what you feel about the above said dishes so kindly comment!

Friday, 13 June 2014

5 Best Ways of Recipe Transformations

We all have great grandmother’s recipes which are to die for. But it is not possible for us to be indulged in them because they are full of fats and calories. Even it is not possible to digest all that fat, butter sticks etc. But it doesn’t mean that you have to forget those recipes or you have to through them out of your window.

I cook my grandmother’s recipes on regular basis however, I do make some alterations in those recipes. So today, we shall be discussing how one can create healthy alternations in the food and transform the recipe into a healthy one.

Below given are some ways-
  1. Substitute the butter with margarine: I have been reading a lot about how margarine is healthier than butter and honestly, I am convinced with the fact that margarine is better than butter. So, use margarine as a butter substitute for cooking. Even the bakers only use margarine while baking because it is light and it gives amazing taste to the final product. So, you can even use the margarine when you are in the kitchen and in mood for some baking.
  2. Whole wheat pasta vs. enriched pasta: while purchasing never forget to read the ingredients of the product you are purchasing. Substitute the same product with the healthier ingredients. The market is filled with whole wheat products, purchase them. Try and avoid enrich pasta as much as you can. These days even five grain pastas are also available. Purchase them instead of white refined flour.
  3. Restrain some ingredients: one does not have to follow the recipe till the end point. It is ok and healthier to cut back on some ingredients which are not adding to the taste of the dish such as cheese garnishing or 1 tablespoon of butter for that extra creamy flavour. As a cook, one has to make healthy decision for their family. Only put the ingredients which are necessary for the dish. 
  4. Change in the cooking pattern: these days, so many techniques are available which can lead you to healthy lifestyle. Instead of cooking opt for baking. No don’t deep fry your food, it is always better to air fry your food. Never refrigerate food for longer, cook fresh and eat warm food. Frozen food have lots of calories and added preservatives. Also, never cook in large quantities, cook in small quantities and as per your body requirement.
  5. Cut down your portion size: this is the most common mistake people make when they are eating food. Always cut down on your portion size, never over eat and at one go. Eat slowly in the small intervals in small portions. Take lots of fiber in your daily diet.
Lot of people I know swears by the above given 5 principles to lead a recipe transformation. By this method, you can still enjoy all your favorite dishes and it will also not be reflected on your waist line. Live healthy!!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Devilish Egg Benedict – Deviled Egg with New Twist

Deviled eggs are one of the simplest and best recipes that have stood the test of time. It’s a crowd pleaser and perfect for parties and get together. There are plenty of people who don’t like the egg yolk part but when mixed with other ingredients like salsa, spices and other scrumptious sauces and ingredients and stuffed back again, this whole egg recipe reach to an another level. The deviled name comes from the fact that hot sauce is usually mixed with the yolks along with mayonnaise, salt and pepper, but the seasonings can be changed easily. So in the history of century’s food which is spicy or hot in flavors are rather considered as “deviled”. In this mustard, pepper and other types of chilies are used to make this recipe hot.

To make a perfect deviled egg, it is important to boil egg properly. Perfectly hard boiled eggs are required for this recipe. One easy tip – Older eggs peels much more easily than the new ones. So, whenever you are making a deviled eggs use the one week old eggs for it.

One of the most common way to cook deviled egg recipe is mixing the yolk with salsa sauce. However, trying new recipe each day doesn’t make any struggle here. In fact, it’s always advisable to experiment in the kitchen in search of some new flavors and taste. Mixing the ideas of two recipes together really makes an interesting twist here. Mixing the egg yolks with hollandaise sauce can make the recipe really smooth and yummy. Ideally hollandaise sauce is served over the egg benedicts but mix this sauce with yolk, add some tangy lemony flavors, spices and bacon pieces. This combination would have make you drool for sure. Eggs and bacons are the most favorite combo loved by all of us. And serving hollandaise sauce over this recipe is just cherry on the top.