Thursday, 28 November 2013

My Thanksgiving Menu 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I woke up quite an early for the thanksgiving preparation. So, in the meantime I thought to share my menu with you guys! I am very excited as one of my cousin (Sarah) is coming after 5 years. She was in UK from last 4 years and recently shifted to California. Oh Yeahhhhh.. :D 

So, I am sure today's dinner would be fun. She said she is getting her famous chocolate mousse for us. Although its not into my list still that's actually sweet of her to bring that extra sweetness for today's dinner. 

Mom is getting her favorite Cranberry and Apple sauce and Crescent rolls too. My sister-in-law is getting dressing and wine bottles. yummmm... ;)

I am so excited to meet them all and especially Sarah. Ohh!! Gurl can't wait to meet you. Nevertheless, I am wishing you all a wonderful thanksgiving day. Enjoy it with your loved ones and family. I would appreciate If you guys can share your menus too that you are making this festive season. Till then, Enjoy have loads of fun and Take care! 


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