Thursday, 21 November 2013

Product Review: Asian Sides Chicken Fried Rice

Hey Everyone, say Hello to our Guest Blogger -  Stacy Deason. She is our upcoming blogger and an awesome cook too. Her recipes are mostly simple and easy to make as her blog name suggests - Today she is sharing her experience and product review on Asian rice sides. I hope you guys will appreciate her efforts. Enjoy reading. :)


Asian Sides

There are many such days when I am completely occupied with work and commitments which also includes the task of taking care of kids. I guess, ladies who work for full time or even as a part time freelancers always look for quick and easy alternatives for dinner or lunch. Recipes that can be cooked in no-time, plus it’s so easy that even a kid or a person who doesn't even know how to cook can make it!

I've had generally good luck with the Knorr easy pasta sides, but this time, I tried my hands on Rice sides. I purchased Asian Sides Chicken Fried Rice which cost me around $1 for each packet i.e. $0.18 for each oz. which is pretty reasonable. The net weight of this packet is 5.7 oz. I ordered a pack of 12 from Amazon and it cost me $12 for 12 packs. The good thing about this product is, Amazon has certified it a Frustration-Free Packaging means no hassle while opening the wrapping. This rice side is actually a blend of rice and pasta in a soy, sesame and chicken-flavored sauce. It tastes just amazing, the flavor of sodium is negligible in it. In fact, this is far better than the fried rice available at many of the Chinese restaurants that we eat as often.

This chicken fried rice can be cooked for 12 minutes in the microwave but I generally keep it in the microwave for a bit more time to let it cool a bit.  This also helped any excess moisture to be soaked. In reality, I just added 2 more minutes to the cooking time, and the texture came out perfect. The flavors were not at all as robust and dominating, and the texture of the noodles didn't bother me this time. It simply melt in your mouth, which is probably the best part of this product.

If you have little more time, add veggies like carrots, bell pepper, asparagus or peas. It will taste incredible with this. Otherwise making this recipe wholly won’t harm. The flavors are such that you would like to have it stand-alone itself. However, serve it with simple grilled chicken or with any chicken recipe. It complements the dish amazingly well that you would forget all about those Chinese restaurants near to your place.

When it comes to the nutritional value part, we people mostly pay attention to it because of health and other reasons. In this, I was pleased to see that this was one of the sides of Knorr which has reduced the sodium content in it.  Each bag makes 2 ½ servings of 1 cup each when prepared.  Each serving contains 280 calories, 60 of which are from fat.  That's 1.5g of fat which is 11% of the recommended daily value (pretty good when it comes to less-fat portion).  And additionally, there is no saturated or trans-fat in it. And it has some great supplements like iron, folic acid, and niacin.

At the end, it depends on you whether you want to buy this product or not. I won’t recommend to cook this meal each day, but once in a blue moon when you are pretty occupied with your work and planning to order a pizza for family then this could be a real great deal plus it’s healthier than a junk food and economical too. 

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