Friday, 8 November 2013

Hollandaise Sauce: How you can use this sauce excellently to uplift your dish!

Hollandaise sauce is a very popular French sauce which uplift the flavors and taste of any dish you’re making. However, most of us think that it will make us fat! No doubt, it will make you fat if you will eat it in access or on a regular basis. Anything taken in access could always harm us. If you want to enjoy this sauce, you must eat it like a sauce not as your complete meal.

If we talk about how hollandaise sauce is made then, it is an emulsion of egg yolks, liquefied butter with seasoning of lemon juice, salt and white pepper. At times you can also use cayenne pepper in it. The egg yolks with lemon juice and white pepper are cooked on a particular temperature where you have to whisk the mixture continuously for the fluffy and frothy mixture. The temperature is maintained and you cannot increase the temperature as it can overcook the yolks which will ruin the taste. Later the liquid butter is mixed into this egg, lemon juice and pepper mixture. This gives a creamy, smooth and opaque texture to it. This sauce taste just great with many boring dishes. The best thing about this sauce is that you don’t have to worry about – how to make it? Or how to maintain the temperature? Because hollandaise sauce is available in the market; many leading companies provide you that same great taste without any hassle and on a great price. 

Next is, where you can use this sauce to uplift the flavors of your main dishes or even side dishes. To start with egg benedicts. The classic egg benedict is incomplete without this sauce. This recipe is perfect for breakfast and brunches with English muffins, bacons and eggs. Hollandaise sauce is just like a cherry on the cake. Same way even your devil eggs can be made differently with this sauce; just put a little of this sauce over the eggs and just enjoy the amazing flavors in your mouth.

Next you can simply enjoy your English muffins or poached eggs with this sauce. Just a dash of this sauce over these dishes can do wonders. Now comes the vegetable side dishes; so the steamed veggies like asparagus, broccoli or beans taste great with this sauce. You can also pore this sauce on your simple and boring baked potato. This will complement your chicken dishes or fish recipes amazingly. 

You can also pour this sauce over your simple skillet pan grilled tuna fish or salmon. Even if you cooked your fish with just a little of salt and pepper or with a little herb like basil. This sauce can actually make your boring and simple recipes into the classic and super scrumptious delicacies that you will love to have or even make them for parties.

So what are you waiting for? Get some hollandaise sauce for this festive season and have some great time with your loved ones by making such simple recipes and transform them into classic and great recipes.

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