Thursday, 2 January 2014

Simple and Easy Quiche Recipe made in 2013

All around the year I talked about Quiche recipe. I guess you have made a conclusion now that I like Quiche but in fact I like eggs the most and since quiche is filling and satisfying it naturally becomes my personal favorite for breakfast in reality, at times for dinner too. Quiche recipe is simple and easy to make and there is no complexity while cooking i.e. even a beginner can cook it smoothly.

Today I am sharing 3 methods of cooking quiche that’s worth a try. All these methods can be adopted as per the need and requirement and within the time constraint. These recipes are simple, easy and healthy. Anyways let’s not waste any more time, and see what’s there in today’s kitty –

Classic Chorizo and Black Bean Quiche Recipe: it’s a classic recipe with black beans, chorizo sausage, vegetables, cheddar cheese and eggs baked in unbaked pastry shell. This recipe is perfect for dinner as it is quite satisfying. The flavors are such that your family will suggest you to make this recipe again and again. You can also try this recipe in some lazy afternoon or you can give it in your kid’s lunch box. This recipe is a family approved recipe and I am sure your family would love this recipe too. Click Here to find the recipe.

Crustless Simple Quiche Recipe: it’s a healthy recipe and good for the people who always look for some healthy and nutritious recipes. In this quiche recipe we are not using the pastry shell. This recipe is perfect for breakfast. You can actually try this recipe by only using the egg whites if you are conscious about the increasing waist line. The ingredients used in this recipe are reduced fat ingredients which increases its health quotient however the taste and aroma quotients are actually the same moreover it’s super yummy and my personal favorite recipe.  You can find the recipe Over Here.

Quiche in a Mug: The super simple recipe that can be cooked in a microwave in just 3 minutes. Perfect for those who live alone or who are mostly busy and skip their breakfast. This recipe is a solution for those people so that you don’t miss your breakfast. This recipe looks so cute that kids love this recipe and they insist you to make this recipe again and again. Simply mix the ingredients and put this in a microwave and wallah quiche is ready in your cute mug. Click Here to get the recipe.

I hope you like the collection of these quiche recipes. If you have any query or suggestion please write to us. You can also give your feedback and suggestion. Till then, stay healthy and wishing you a great year ahead.


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