Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Quick Lunch Ideas and Tips for Kid’s Lunch Box

As a parent the most difficult task is to make your kid eat healthy and nutritious even at the lunch time. When you pack lunch for your kids make sure you put everything healthy and tasty. One of the best thing is to add food with good taste, color and shape into your kid’s lunch box. When you put foods of different colors then your kid may get attracted same applies to the shape too. Different shapes like bunny or cute images attracts kids.

Buy some bright and colorful bento boxes for your kids and fill the sections with some interesting and quick lunch ideas and recipes. In today’s post I will share 5 quick and easy recipes that you can give to your kid in their lunch boxes. I will also share some tips and tricks to make lunch boxes more organized and fun for kids.

  • Always plan the meal – planning beforehand not just saves time but it also makes sure you are not repeating the menu for lunch.
  • Adding colors and texture – You can put some fruits and veggies for color; fruits like strawberries, oranges, grapes, carrots, blueberries, beetroots, pomegranate etc. cut these fruits in slices, chop, and grate or shred them to get some texture.
  • While packing the lunch box make sure it doesn't’t get spoiled – at times, packing some hot stuff in bento boxes may get spoiled because of heat and moisture. Before packing the box give some stand by time to cool.
  • It’s advisable to pack food which tastes good even if it’s cold – always plan some lunch or menu which can be enjoyed even if it’s cold.
  • Try to add some dairy product – if your kid has no problem with dairy product (or if you are vegan) you can give them some healthy cheese and flavored yogurt to have. Including salads, fruits and juices which are also worthwhile.

It’s important to understand the complete diet chart so make sure you add whole grains, proteins, vitamins and minerals, essential nutrients in the lunch or bento boxes. You can also add nuts and raisins. Almonds are really good for everyone make sure you put some nuts too to chew. In fact you can put some homemade energy bars or granola bars too in their boxes.

Other than these, if your kid is young it’s important to develop your kid’s taste buds supple; introduce new food items each day so that they can develop the taste buds. You can introduce new items at dinner table and if your kid appreciates the food include them in their lunch boxes.

Follow some interesting recipes but add the secret ingredients to make your kid eat healthy food. Like make a pesto sauce by adding kale or spinach and cook it with pasta and other veggies. Similarly replace the pizza sauce (salsa) with Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip and make a pizza. There are many ways and tips by which you can make your kiddo eat healthy and nutritious each time, just plan accordingly and understand their taste buds too. Prepare some meals according to their taste buds e.g. if they like sweets try to makes dishes sweeter and if someone likes tangy or spicy food add flavors accordingly.
Below I am sharing 5 recipes which are my kids approved –
  1. Baked Tofu Stuffed Tomatoes – A flavorsome tomato filled with tofu cheese, you can also add feta cheese. This simple recipe can be cooked in less time and it tastes just great. Although it’s a side dish but it can be served easily for lunch. Click Here to get the recipe.
  2. 3 Microwave Recipes that you can Cook in a Mug – Simple and easy recipes that can be easily cooked in a mug. These recipes are perfect for 1-2 persons. Click Here to find the recipes.
  3. Crustless Quiche Recipe – Quiche are perfect for breakfast but it can be easily served in lunches as well as in dinners. This recipe is not just healthy but it tastes great too. Click Here for the recipe.
  4. Stuffed Bell Pepper with Baked Chicken Rice – This recipe is not just simple to make but you can include some leftover and later simply bake it. Bell Peppers are good for health too and kids like to eat bell pepper in a stuffed form. Click Here for recipe.
  5.  Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pizza – An interesting twist to your regular pizza and with spinach and artichoke dip pizza is super healthy and believe no compromise with the taste. Click Here to get the recipe.

I hope you like the tips and recipe to try for. If you have some interesting tips and lunch ideas to share. Please share with us too. I would really appreciate if you can share your ideas and tips that you go for while dealing with your kids. Till then, stay fabulous all you super moms!


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