Monday, 21 July 2014

A Wonder Food - Healthy Guacamole Recipes

Avocado is a wonder food. It has so many benefits which cannot be explained. It is very good for your health, eyes, hairs etc. I have seen people eating one avocado a day to build their immunity. It has zero cholesterol and full of vitamin A, C, Calcium, Vitamin D, Iron, and Vitamin B6 etc.

To make sure that my kids eat enough avocado, I have learned the effective as well as different uses of guacamole. With this I make sure that I do not repeat any dish as well as my kids get proper nutrition’s. If you have a full time job along with taking care of your kids then, these are some recipes which are tailor made for you. Try them and you will actually thank me.

Grilled cheese bacon guacamole sandwich- I always made this sandwich when my younger one is throwing tantrums. I think, this sandwich calms him down for some reason. Or perhaps the melting cheese melts his anger. All you have to do is to take a bread (normal or 5 grain), spread some guacamole on it, put some cooked bacon and top it up with shredded cheese. I use Mozilla cheese in this. Put it in a toaster and wait for 3 minutes. The sandwich is ready to be served.

 Guacamole and salsa chips- now, who does not know about this dish. This dish is adored by people all over US. Perfect for hunger pangs and also can be served in a party or at any game night. You can make it hot or just little tangy. It really depends upon your personal taste. You can use tomato, onions, jalapenos etc. while making a guacamole recipe.


Mexican BLT with guacamole- I like to introduce my kids to all kind of culture as well as their food. Once my Mexican friend shared this recipe with me and I have just amended this recipe with a guacamole because my kids do not like spicy food. This foot long has the goodness of chicken, vegetables and of course avocado.  You can even put cheese in it if desired however, it does complicate the flavor little bit. If you are putting the cheese in it, let me know how you have liked the flavors.

Guacamole devil eggs- devil eggs is such a perfect appetizer for Saturday evening. I usually make this when my husband has his friends over for the cards. I mean I keep making them and they keep eating without realizing how much they have eaten already. But, I guess men will be men that ways. Guacamole brings a new twist to our humble devil eggs. Try it, simply add the avocado paste to your mixture and see the magic.

Today, I am in a mood for making some more experiments with avocado and you never know I may come up with something called “Sylvia special-guacamole”. Sound so fun, isn’t?

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