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Tips To Convince Your Kids for Dinner Meals

Mom “I don’t want to eat broccoli, its taste is weird. I want to eat something different”. I am a mother of two this is what I get to hear from my kids very often. Isn’t it frustrating and also annoying. I am tired of trying new recipes and convincing them to eat something healthy. Kids are the worst picky eaters on this planet. I thought why not to do some web research on the same to know things more in depth and look out for some solution to curb the their eating problems.

They even check your patience by making their mothers to run after them and feed their kids while walking or watching TV.

Not everyone but some kids have aversion towards certain food textures, colors and smells etc. One day they may eat a particular meal with full interest and the other day they simply won’t open their mouth to eat their favorite meal. 

Latest research from Duke University School of Medicine proves that picky or selective eating habits in kids may point to some psychological disorders like anxiety and depression among them (Source). I thought not to go into the depth of this research rather look out for some other options.

The kids eating nature and behavior has been categorized into three types:
  1. The normal picky eaters have aversions to a particular food type like broccoli and cabbage.
  2. Moderate ones prefer to have limited meals. Doesn’t matter if their parents serve special meals after every three hours for them. They will eat always in limit.
  3. Severe picky eaters are very tough to handle. They are so selective in their food selection and do not prefer to eat with others. They don’t even eat at birthday parties, or any occasion and will often bring their own food. Hence, creating problems for their parents as their eating habits fully interfere with family life.

For those moms who find it hard to deal with their kids, here is the solution.

  • Always serve the dinner at right time
Many times our appetite gets programmed as per the body clock. So it is advisable always serve your dinner meals accordingly and not so late in the evening. The best time is 8 pm and after that both mom and kids should rest for 20 minutes and then go to bed at 10 pm. If this schedule is followed then surely your kids will digest food properly before going to bed and hence follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Schedule the Snack Time Properly:
Always feed your kids snacks in evening at 4 pm after they are back home from schools. If you will serve them snacks late in the evening, they may certainly skip the dinner which can create problem. It’s up to you ; being a mom make a schedule of the serving different food items at the right time so that your kids tummy may actually feel satisfied and not over eaten.
  • Prepare same meal for all the family members
Kids actually copy each and every action of their parents or elders. If you eat well same will they do. Make sure you serve the same dinner meal which you have prepared for the kids to every family member. This way your kids will see that rest everyone is eating so they will also copy and eat like them.
  • Speak positive about the dinner Served: 
Never ever let others or you yourself as a cook criticize the food that is served at the dinner time as it may unnecessarily give a chance to your kids to say no to eating. If by chance they may say the food is not good, simply ignore them and keep on eating your meal. But praise them if they say the food is good by letting them know that it is enough nutritious and delicious for them.
  • Never skip the lunch time meal:
Don’t think if kids will skip their lunch they may eat dinner properly but the truth is altogether different. Your kid’s tummy may go into the hibernation mode and they may lose their hunger totally. Always feed them right meal at the right time.

Once your kids are ready to take dinner, time to think what to serve them.

If kids are served healthy food it is for sure that their energy is stabilized and it also sharpens their minds. If your kids adopt healthy eating habits then it is for sure that they will adopt this lifestyle throughout their lives and gives them the opportunity to grow into healthy adults.

So, here are few tips to serve them healthy dinner:

Never opt for outside food. Cook dinner daily: Avoid outside junk food. Try to cook healthy, tasty dinner at home. Making such healthy delicacies will automatically avoid kids eating out side food. Serve various varieties of healthy food at regular intervals at home. Cook more meals at home at special occasions.

Instead of high calorie snacks serve various healthy snacks: Always keep fruits, vegetables, whole grain snacks, and healthy drinks (coconut water, milk, pure fruit juice) in the fridge in storage so that kids can easily access them. This way they may be really prompted to eat and skip the high calorie snacks like soda, chips. 

Some kid friendly healthy dinner recipes:
  • Cheesy Rice Enchiladas

Stuffed dishes are loved by kids. To make smile on face of kids, this Cheesy Rice Enchiladas dish will be a best option. 
  • Crispy Mac and Cheese Cups:

Awesome taste of  this Crispy Mac and Cheese Cups recipe can bring your kids near the kitchen.

  • Macaroni and Cheese Muffins: 
Macaroni and Cheese Muffins

This is an amazing kids friendly dish which motivate  kids for dinner twice.

  • Golden Tortilla Crepes: 

Add the tortilla flavor to kids dinner with this Golden Tortilla Crepes recipe. 

Hope these tips for convincing kids and dinner meal ideas might help all those moms who are always worried about, what healthy to serve, to their kids for dinner, as they do refrain from even taking the dinner. As eating dinner for kids is very important as after that they go for 8-9 hours’ sleep and till morning there is long time gap. Empty stomach they will hardly get a good night’s sleep. It’s better change their habits at the earliest otherwise it then becomes a lifelong habit which can’t be changed later.

It’s a big responsibility of the parents to bring their kids on the right track of healthy eating and happy living for their better and bright future as health is wealth.

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